Collection: ALEX BAIRD MURPHY | 'Magic Compass'

"The works in Magical Compass are not only songs of my dreaming and ways of expressing myself, but parts of who I am and what I have experienced on my journey so far. The magic compass of what art leads us to is a mystery which I find fascinating.

The works come in waves of time and spirit , which are conjured into these paintings.

The ‘Emotion paintings’ are heavily influenced by my love of graffiti, and are made using natural pigments to create the mediums, as well as Posca pen to ‘bomb’ my emotions onto the canvas.

The ‘Emotion paintings’ have been a fun experiment for me, because of the amount of energy and feeling I put into these works, the element of water, and how it’s healed me greatly. The works simultaneously reflect my own self-destruction, pain, growth as well healing from trauma. Scars that become permanent, but make us stronger.

I have created ‘Marriage paintings” before, they represent husband and wife. A classical love story. The two lovers are similar but have their own personal differences. They are represented as musicals scores. I am inspired by the sound of classical music and its ability to lead me to wonder. The vibrations I pick up and let go within that time of creation. Vibrations, sounds, alchemy, experience, dreaming and imagination.

‘Vision’ is a misplaced example of the musical scores. The way I have created this work is more natural and less mathematical. This painting reflects a peace of mind that is very much still in the present, how we get there is the journey. All for the sake of balance. How are we to accept and receive the good without the bad?

‘City lights’ was made in response to the many nights I walk the streets, seeing the bold colours that stand out, eyes weary from travel and seeking home. The city lights come from within us, we just need the patience to be mindful of that moment."

Alexander Baird Murphy, 2024.