Thanakupi's Guide to Language & Culture

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A Thaynakwith Dictionary By Thancoupie Gloria Fletcher.

Cover notes: "Thanakupi's Guide to Language and Culture undertakes the important work of recording Thancoupie's own language, Thaynakwith. Thancoupie brings the language alive. Through her commentaries, stories, descriptions and drawings she transports us directly into the rich culture of the Thaynakwith people of Cape York.
Thancoupie is internationally renowned for her ceramics, in which she co nnects the stories of her people to her art. In this book she makes that connection through language, recognising the importance of this knowledge for future generations.
This culturally significant book brings together language, stories and beautiful illustrations, describing the rich culture, the diverse sea and land creatures and the plants of Cape York, North Queensland."

Published by Jennifer Isaacs Arts & Publishing, PB, 144 pages.