TEHO ROPEYARN | 'Ayarra (rainy season)' | Vinyl-cut print

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“Injinoo (and all Aboriginal) people are at one with the land, sea and sky. We traverse the physical, the natural and the spiritual realms. My work for the biennale is a visual depiction of this philosophy - explaining how the land becomes the human, the human becomes the animal, the animal becomes the land, the land becomes the spirit, and the spirit becomes a device linking these elements. The land will only listen to its people. Aboriginal connection to Country is not just belonging. It is a spiritually magnetic system that connects to all other human and natural elements. You cannot remove the people from the land, which finds its way. The land will flourish when the system is reconnected, and Aboriginal people defend this system." Teho Ropeyarn 

TEHO ROPEYARN | 'Ayarra (rainy season)', 2021, Vinyl-cut print on paper, 154 x 227cm, Edition 3/5
In this video Teho Ropeyarn and Mr Graham Brady speak about the exhibition, TRAVERSING THREE REALMS: The physical, natural and spiritual.