KIM NOLAN | 'Limpets' | Black clay / under-glaze + glaze

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Kim Nolan is originally from New Zealand and received a Diploma in ‘Hot Glass And Design’ in Whanganui. After moving to Australia in 2007 and settling in Cairns in 2017- she went on to study Ceramics at TAFE Queensland. Nolan is driven by “very simple things in life and nature”, focusing on form, color, texture, and patterns. "I like the contrast of the bare clay and texture on the outside contrasting with strong colors and smoothness of the glaze on the inside. A play on coral bleaching and what it could have once been". 

"These pieces offer glimpses of micro-environments from Wonga to Mission Beach. On looking closely, I find each beach reveals quite different elements affected by tides, wind, and near populations." Kim Nolan

KIM NOLAN | 'Limpets' | Black clay / under-glaze + glaze

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