FRED JOE | 'Athiew Mariel III' | Monoprint

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Fred Joe was born and raised on Mua Island. His family are from Serganigal and…on the northern side of the island. His totems are the Koedal (Crocodile), Kursi (Hammerhead shark) and Dhangal (Dugong). Fred’s etchings and monoprints depict these totems, along with his memories of Kubin in the old times. His art work also describes the stories told by his ancestors through their dreams, which are passed down from father to son.

‘Ancestor stories and stories from more recent times are all important. They remind us where we have come from and guide us towards where we need to go.’


This print illustrates the shadow of our Totems, that are still with us. The shadow images reflect on our past, that they were once legends in our society before we were discovered. This image also identified which tribe we're from and which clan we represent.  Our forefathers use these Totems to guide and protect them, also to hunt and gather to survive.


Paper size 76 H x 56 W cm

Image Size 60 H x 40 W cm