HELEN GABORI | 'My Dads Country' | Painting / Synthetic Polymer on Canvas

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Helena Gabori, 'My Dads Country' 2013, Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, Dimensions 91.5cm x 121.5cm,

Artist: Helena Gabori

Language: Kayardild
Country: Bentinck Island

Mornington Island, Gulf of Carpentaria

Catalogue 8344-13, Certificate of Authenticity provided.

Courtesy of Mirndiyan Gununu Aboriginal Corporation, Mornington Island Art Centre.

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Artist Statement:

"My Dad was born on the edge of Kabararrji south of Bentinck Island. So he carries the name Kabararrjingathi, his

country – that's why he is called "Gabori”, the English corruption of the place name. There are lots of grass there

called malbaa that the women use to gather to make woven grass bags called miiild."