Sarah Joe (Pormpuraaw) 'Red & Green Jellyfish' Ghost Net Sculpture

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Sarah has used ghost net to make her jellyfish . This sea creature is an important totem for our people and is celebrated in song and dance.

The Thaayorre language name for jellyfish is 'Wa-ar'

By creatively using ghost net, Indigenous artists have helped raise awareness both national and internationally of the devastating environmental impact of the nets in our oceans globally. Most of the ghost nets found on Australian coasts come from Thai, Vietnamese, South Korean and Chinese boats operating illegally in the Arafura Sea and Timoreses Sea. The Gulf of Carpentaria is a 'hotspot' because it supports many species of marine life and as such is a fertile fishing ground for small and large scale fishing enterprises.


70 x 21 cm 

Art Centre Code: 120-18