WA YO WAY | 'Sea Totems' | Short Sarong | Emily Doolah

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Born: Thursday Island, Torres Strait Islands 
Region: Torres Strait Islands
Tribe: Meriam Samsep, Wagedagam – Panay Buway, Peiudu             
Totems: Tiger shark, owl moth, driftwood, Torres Strait pigeon, frigate bird, crocodile, dugong, mackerel.
Saltwater / Freshwater: Saltwater
Languages: Torres Strait Creole, Meriam Mer, Kala Lagaw Ya
Current Location: Horn Island 


"Torres Strait totems are sacred objects, it symbolizes a group of people, such as a family, clan, lineage, and tribe." 

Details: Short sarong, 68 x 175 cm, 100% Rayon fibres. 

This sarong is designed, printed and sewn in Australia.