WOW Cairns Women's Show

The WOW Cairns Women’s Show celebrates female painters and makers from across Northern Queensland. The diverse selection of artworks showcases the remarkable talent of 27 local artists within our region: Agnes Wotton, Anne Nunn, Betty Sykes, Caroline Mudge, Claudine Marzik, Delissa Walker, DOULA, Fiona Elisala-Mosby, Hannah Murray, Hannah Parker, India Collins, Jean Walmbeng, Julie Poulsen, Kim Marsden, Laurel McKenzie, Lenore Howard, Margaret Mara, Margaret Upton, Melissa Waters, Matilda Nona, Mersane Loban, Mahar Gorospe-Lockie, Netta Loogatha, Paula Savage, Philomeana Yeatman, Rhonda Woolla and Tamika Grant-Iramu.

This exhibition will run until 25 June.

WOW Cairns will take place from Friday 13 to Saturday 14 May at Bulmba-Ja Arts Centre.

All works are available for sale: