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Amber Seale

AMBER SEALE | 'ocean vase 1(blue), mid fire ceramics, 16(h), 10(l),10(w) cm

AMBER SEALE | 'ocean vase 1(blue), mid fire ceramics, 16(h), 10(l),10(w) cm

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'Solwara’s Embrace' (Ocean’s Embrace)

Amber Seale is an emerging artist born in Papua New Guinea and currently based in Cairns. After completing the Ceramics Skill Set course at Cairns TAFE she continues to explore and develop her artistic practice, seeking inspiration from the vastly beautiful natural environment.

Working primarily with clay, Amber captures the serene and tranquil energy of the shore, evoking the gentle embrace of the ocean. Employing techniques like hand building and sculpting, she captures the organic patterns etched into the sand by the rhythmic caress of ocean waves.

For Amber the ocean has been a constant thread, connecting her early days in Papua New Guinea to her current home in Far North Queensland. It serves as a bridge between her two worlds, a source of eternal inspiration.

In a world marked by turbulence, Amber’s art becomes a refuge in nature, where she seeks solace and draws her creative energy. With each piece she creates, she aspires to bestow upon the viewer a sense of calm awe, inviting them to share in her quest for serenity amidst life’s chaos.

Instagram handle: @‌kainkaincreations

AMBER SEALE | 'Ocean Vase 1 (blue)' | Mid fire ceramics | 16 (h) x 10 (l) x 10 (w) cm

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