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AGNES WOTTEN | 'Sea Anemone' (White, Green and Oxide) | Acrylic on Canvas

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Agnes Wotten, 'Sea Anemone', Acrylic on canvas 2019, 64 x 94cm 

"My name is Agnes Wotton, I've lived on Palm Island all my life. My mother who is an Indinji woman gave birth to me in 1971 to my Father a Yalanji Man. I've been painting for 17 years and got my first big breakthrough at the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair in the year 2019. Art is a way of expressing myself and escaping from reality; it gives me peace of mind and my goal in life is to run a workshop on the island, be a well-known artist in the country and help others also to find their dreams.

I find painting to be healing when looking over the water and capturing the movement of the anemone on canvas. The anemone are like the calm in the wave."