AGNES WOTTON | 'Sea Anemone' Painting | Acrylic on canvas / white, green & oxide

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"My name is Agnes Wotton, I've lived on Palm Island all my life. My mother who is an Indinji woman gave birth to me in 1971 to my Father a Yalanji Man. I've been painting for 17 years and got my first big breakthrough at the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair in the year 2019. Art is a way of expressing myself and escaping from reality; it gives me peace of mind and my goal in life is to run a workshop on the island, be a well-known artist in the country and help others also to find their dreams.

I find painting to be healing when looking over the water and capturing the movement of the anemone on canvas. The anemone are like the calm in the wave." Agnes Wotton

Details: 'Sea Anemone', 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 64 (h) x 94 (w) cm