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ANDREW DUFFIN | 'Established' | Lawyer Cane Yimbi / Bi-Cornual Basket

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The bi-cornual basket is unique to the Far North Queensland rainforest peoples and region. This bi-cornual basket or 'Yimbi' in the Djabugay language is made entirely out of fishtail lawyer cane / 'Bugul' and was traditionally used to carry babies, fruit, nuts, yams, meat, or fish as well being a utensil to leech all inedible toxins out of traditional rainforest foods. 


Andrew 'Andy' Duffin was born and raised in Cairns and raised in and around the Kuranda region. He identifies as a Djabugay person and proudly carries on the traditional style of his ancestors. Andy aspires to become a master weaver of the bi-cornual basket much like, Girramay a traditional owner and master weaver who is credited with teaching Andy the traditional timeless techniques.

Measurements: 30cm (H) (With Handle 76cm) x 56cm (W of Base) x 24cm/29cm (Top of basket)