ELLIS ROAD ARTS | ‘Saggar Fired Pot #333’ | Ceramic / hand-thrown raku

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ANNE JILLETT is an emerging artist from Bellenden Ker, Far North Queensland. Her creative label 'Ellis Road Arts' represents her latest works in sculptural weaving, contemporary embroidery, and ceramics. Anne is influenced by her love of the natural world and is drawn specifically to the ocean. 

"There are so many different naked raku techniques I am eager to experiment with - For now, it’s the saggar process which involves a surface treatment of the bisqued pot using numerous materials and a range of chemicals such as Ferric Chloride to banana skins, seaweed, and sawdust to name just a few.

These materials are placed on the pot, which is then wrapped in aluminum foil and fired in my raku kiln. The wrapping creates a reduced atmosphere against the pot as the temperatures rise, creating various chemical reactions from the materials which will leave behind permanent marks; once it has cooled and been cleaned, the pot is then treated with beeswax to enhance the saggar effect." - Anne Jillett

ELLIS ROAD ARTS | ‘Saggar Fired Pot #333’ | Ceramic / hand-thrown raku

Details: 36 (h) 21(w) x 29.5 (d)