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ELLIS ROAD ARTS | 'Pod 1' | Woven Sculpture | Raffia & Wire

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As an emerging artist, Anne Jillet's work responds to the unique global positioning of the Far North Queensland region. Influenced by the weaving techniques of Northern Australia and the Pacific region, Jillet’s work incorporates natural materials alongside thigh-spun yarn and recycled fabrics. Combining coiled basketry construction with textile techniques, her works are an exploration of color and form. Jillet credits Maryanne Tokome for her knowledge in Bilum making which has strongly influenced the development of the weaving technique. 

"This piece is inspired by the rainforest around my studio and made from raffia around chicken wire using a random weave" - Anne Jillet

ELLIS ROAD ARTS | 'Pod 1' | Woven Sculpture | Raffia & Wire 

Measurements: 52 (H) x 14 (W) x 11 (D) cm