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JEAN WALMBENG | 'Jean's Mother's Country (Series 1/7) | Painting 46 cm x 48 cm

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“When I was a little girl I used to be playing marbles. My friends, we used to always sit in the circle. Used to sit together and play the marbles after that we had to chase one another. It was called “leewar” in English its “chasey”. I used to be drawing in the sand that’s my game I always did that. Now I can paint those pictures on the canvas.” Jean Walmbeng

Jean began painting in 2010 and has since developed her own distinctive style and colour palette. Her keen sense and knowledge of her country inspire her vibrant paintings. 

Details: JEAN WALMBENG, 'Jean's Mother's Country' (Series 1/7), 2019, Painting 46 x 48 cm

Catalogue number: 112-21

*This artwork comes ready to hang in a floating timber box frame.