KEITH WIKMUNEA | 'Piintal - Saltpan Country' | Acrylic paint on linen / framed

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“Piintal is the Wik-Mungkan name for salt pan. There are plenty of Piintal out on my mother's Country at a place called Kencharang. During the year, these salt pans change depending on what season it is. Usually when the big wet comes, piintal will turn into a freshwater lagoon for all the birds and long neck turtles to enjoy. When the dry season of Onchan-min is here, piintal cracks and becomes hard. We use piintal to mine yellow ochre that we can cook and turn red. We cook the ochre on the hot coals. During Kayaman Maal Season, the salt pans get really hard. They begin to crack and this is the best time to collect yellow ochre.” 

Keith’s country is Kencherang (father’s side) which is north of Aurukun. There’s a large freshwater lagoon there. During the wet season, the saltwater comes up the creek during the high tides.  There is one large creek that comes into the country which splits out into his mother’s country called Ti-tree. 

When the freshwater breaks out in the wet season it joins with the creek at Kencherang and connects to the saltwater.  Keith belongs to the Apalech clan from his father’s side. His mother’s side is the Winchanum clan. 

As an artist, Keith is passionate about passing on his creative and cultural knowledge to future generations. His vision is for Wik and Kugu Art Centre to support artists keeping culture strong and alive. 

KEITH WIKMUNEA | 'Piintal - Saltpan Country' | 2022 | Acrylic paint on linen

Framed in floating box timber

Details: 171 (h) x 121 (w) cm