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Sheryl Pamulkan

SHERYL PAMULKAN | 'My Country' | Painting

SHERYL PAMULKAN | 'My Country' | Painting

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Cermonial Clan: Apalech
Language(s): Wik-Alken
Country: Thakunin (Father), Cape Keer Weer (Mother)

Sheryl Pamulkan was born and raised in Aurukun, and began her artistic career in 2018 after an inspirational visit to the Toowoomba Art Gallery, where she came across the work of her Grandfather; a well known painter from Aurukun.

"In 2018, I started with my artwork. I’d never painted before. I really enjoy painting in the Akay Koo’olia Women’s Space and I would like to keep going and see my paintings in exhibitions. My grandfather was a painter. One day when I was still at school, we went on an excursion to Toowoomba, I saw my grandfather’s name on a painting in an Art Gallery. That is when I thought to myself that I would like to become a painter."

Sheryl's detailed paintings reflect her strong sense of design and composition, and the loves painting her Apalech Clan stories of the Blue Tongue Lizard, Taipan and Shooting Star. Sheryl has been recently practicing with natural ochres and is developing a strong body of work for upcoming exhibitions around the country.

"In my paintings I often tell stories about my totems, such as the Blue Tongue Lizard and Taipan. They to belong to my father’s country. I also have other totems from my father, the Barramundi, Flying-Fox, Rainbow Lorikeet and the Rainbow itself." Sheryl Pamulkan May

SHERYL PAMULKAN | 'My Country' | Painting

Measurements: 50 (h) x 76 (w) cm 

Catalogue No 10-20

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