MATILDA MALUJEWEL NONA | 'Kysymay Gidhal II'| Linocut Print

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Born: 1974

Language/s: Kala Lagaw Ya

Clan: TUPMUL (Spiny Ray)

Place of birth: Thursday Island 


"In this series of works I am reflecting on my childhood and how we used to live back in the days.

We’d leave the washing hanging and head to our garden place. When the first rain came we’d cut the trees down and let them die. Then in the dry season we’d go back and burn them. Then when the first rain came, we’d go back and plant the seeds and then we’d have our crop. 

Mainly us kids used to work in the garden, the old people would guide us and tell us what time to sow and what time to harvest. We grew pumpkins, watermelon, cucumbers, all sorts of things. We were living off the land and now I don’t see anybody doing that these days.

I still have my garden place round the back at my camp."

Matilda Nona 


Details: Matilda Nona Malujewell, 'Kysymay Gidhal II', 2017, linocut print, image 21.5 cm x 21.5 cm, paper 43 cm x 40 cm, edition 1/15