BARBARA DOVER | 'Reckoning' | Sculpture | Concrete / found fur / hide / horse + cattle tail hair

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"The question in these works is: How are animals living with the world’s climate extremes?
My works point to warnings, threats, alarms and signs. They speak to the foreboding of climate change, which is a force that has begun impacting the natural world in ways that are challenging to grasp.
Objects employed in the work are sourced from the ubiquitous utilitarian safety equipment such traffic cones, found around hazardous or danger zones that force us to take detours. While the work, Reckoning, takes the form of traffic safety cones, which suggest warning or threat, the concrete and found animal-derived materials, from which the work is made, might give thought to mourning and memorial.
The inherent nature of the works’ materials carries the complex meanings and narratives of our reckoning of human action on animals who are caught up in the effects of our warming planet." - Barbara Dover 

Details: 'Reckoning' | 2022 | Sculpture | Concrete / found fur / hide / horse + cattle tail hair

Dimensions variable: 30 x 20 x 20 cm (approx) 

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