Bernard Singleton Jr. | 'Extraction (Morah Grindstone)' | local stone

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Bernard Lee Singleton (of Coen, Cape York Peninsula Umpila, Djabuguy, Yirrgay), is a master craftsman, creative designer and curator working in Traditional Knowledge, materials, Dance & Practices, living in Cairns. Singleton grew up in Coen, Cape York. His mother is a Djabuguy woman born in Mona Mona mission near Kuranda and his father is an Umpila (east coast Cape York)/Yirrganydji man from Yarrabah mission.

"Cultural extraction is still happening. The taking away bits of history without providing any context for it. The dark pasts that are hidden or forgotten and the emotional consequences that are ongoing.This representation of extraction practices that signifies our old people were in unison with country and solutions were at hand."

Bernard Singleton Jr., 'Extraction (Morah Grindstone)', local stone, 24 x 31 cm and 15 x 13 cm

The artists in this show tell diverse stories from different First Nations cultures across Queensland, celebrating unique identities; owning the past to forge the future. REPATRIATE is curated by Darren Blackman and will premiere at NorthSite Contemporary Arts in June 2022, as part of the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF) 2022.