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Bevan Namponan 'Ku Drifter'

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Bevan Namponan 'Ku Drifter', 2018, Aurukun dog Sculpture made of milkwood and binders, Wik and Kugu Aurukun Art Center 

Dimensions 82cm x 48cm x 15cm

Bevan Namponan is the third eldest of eight children born to Angus Namponan and Chrissie Peemuggina. From his father they have the totems that include bush rat, freshwater shark, spear, small carpet snake, salmon, knee and single-barb hardwood spear. Bevan also shares other totems that are associated with the Wik-Alkenh language and belong to the Apelech ceremonial group.  

Bevan's camp dogs are a secular subject and as such belong to an innovative class of Wik sculptures that have been developing in relation to the art and craft markets for some decades. 

Bevan is the brother of Garry, Leigh and older brother to Leo all of whom are established and emerging carvers with the Wik and Kugu Arts Centre. Garry Namponan's father's country is at Warpand, just inland from Cape Keerweer. His mother's was from the enjoining country of Aayk, her language being Wik-Ngathan. Anagus Namponan was a prominent carver in Aurukun, and as sometimes happens in Wik society, his sons have followed in his footsteps.