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Blak Flair Project: Notebook - Michael Anning

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Blank 80 page notebook printed on recycled paperstock with soy based inks. 

ARTIST Michael Anning, 1955. Belonging to the Dulgu-Barra clan of the Yidinji people Michael Boiyool Anning was born in Atherton in 1955 and currently lives in Ravenshoe. His traditional name of Boiyool was given to him by his Aunt – it is the word for a piece of lawyer cane cut specifically to stir a non-lethal quantity of poison into waterholes when hunting fish, and the name of a mythical being, half-human, half-eel, which travelled up rivers to significant sites in the Buluru (story time). He became interested in exploring his Aboriginal heritage at age 13 and in around 1990 Michael began to revive the making of traditional artefacts. After a few years of selling artefacts to tourists through retail outlets in Kuranda he began his own art practice in 1996. Stimulated by stories of the early days, he began investigating rainforest shield designs in museum collections and anthropological texts. Michael Anning is now recognised as the foremost Indigenous artist in Queensland to rejuvenate the unique tradition of making rainforest shields and swords.

ARTWORK DETAILS: Fire maker, White dish design, natural ochres and charcoal on rainforest softwood (Alstonia scholaris), 370 x 75 x 20 mm, 2009.

Blak Flair is a KickArts creative merchandise project that has been generously supported by the Christensen Fund. The project aims to develop a collection of merchandise that portrays the work of Indigenous artists from Far North Queensland to promote their work and cultural importance to the broader community.

Dimensions: 210 x 150mm