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Billy Missi 'Warpiw Naradh, Fishbones'

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Warpiw Naradh | Fish Bones, 2009, lithograph on stone, printed in colour, 500 x 300mm, edition size 6, printer: Theo Tremblay, Editions Tremblay NFP

In this work, we see a stylised pattern representing fish bones. Each of the Zenadah Kes printmaking artists develops a signature style. Their signature approach, identified in the minaral (design), is commonly used when carving linocuts. For Billy, there were changes in form over the years as he moved to find his signature style. Billy began carving linocuts with the guidance of Dennis Nona, and many early works show that influence. Billy determined to develop his style and continued using variety in his works until finding his signature pattern. The unique fish bones pattern is the signature style that Billy developed. This lithograph reveals the foundation of the fishbone signature style that is known as Warpiw Naradh.



Also available in black and white: $660 (enquire shop@northsite.org.au)