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Billy Missi 'Bu' small shell print

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Bu - Triton Shell

Edition of 50, 2008.

Small Lincocut 


Artist:                   Billy Missi


Tribe:                    Wagedagam, Sipangur


Totem:                  Kodal (crocodile), Kaigas (stingray)


Language:             Kala Lagaw Ya


Language Block:    Western Torres Strait Dialect

Image Size:           30 x 30cm



"Bu is a Western Torres Strait dailect word for Triton Shell. It’s from the language group of Kala Lagaw Ya. These shells are found commonly on grassy seabeds and reefs surrounding our beautiful islands.


It has a wonderful sweet swirly mussel on the inside. The best way of cooking it is boiled.


Our ancestors also used this shell for ceremonial purposes, representations, raising alarms or gathering people for a meeting.

It would be dried out and a hole punched in the end of it, which one would blow into to create the sound of a horn.


This was a communicating instrument that was used in the past." Billy Missi