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BREATH AND ESSENCE | 'Sunbird Pendant' | Large | 40cm Sterling Silver Snake Chain

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Breath and Essence - puts soul and earth into making exquisite and unique pieces of jewellery from sterling silver and found object, creating sculptural, minimal pieces, each piece having a delicacy that keeps one connected with our Earth. 

Sydney born Artist, Kim Rayner, now works from her studio above the palm-fringed beaches of Far North Queensland. Painting and drawing is her background and having studied, a Bachelor of Fine Art at the National Art School, Darlinghurst, Sydney, her work has evolved with awareness and connection to nature in her own perceptive style. The growth and development of her professional work in the Arts have come to include object and jewellery in her practice.

"Inspired by the Olive-backed Sunbird of Australia and celebrating joy and playfulness. The sunbird, is part of the hummingbird family. Inspiring you to enjoy life's nectar and evoking the bird spirit energy of the joy and lightness of being" - Kim Rayner

Measurements: 40cm sterling silver chain