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Betty Sykes

BETTY SYKES | 'Karrangkal II' | Painting / Earth pigment on linen

BETTY SYKES | 'Karrangkal II' | Painting / Earth pigment on linen

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Artist: Betty Sykes 


Language: Kuku Yalanji

"I am from the Jalunji clan, Jalunji means seaside. My father used to tell me when we were out fishing not to break the Karrangkal - coral reef or the Jalun - seaside, will get to rough to hunt and we will have to go back home."

Biography: "I was born in Cooktown and grew up in the Ayton area. I went to school at the Bloomfield State School and then to Warwick High School south of Brisbane. Our family totem is the Eagle. I am from the Jalunji tribe, which means from the sea area. At 17 I worked at the post office and then I met Clyde, my partner. I have 4 children, 2 grown up and 2 at school still. I also look after my sister’s daughter. I have been learning to bead with Doreen Creek using seeds that we collect from the forest. I also love painting and making designs for textiles, especially silk."

Details: 2021 | Painting / Earth pigment on linen | 76.2 (h) x 101.6 (w) cm


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