Claudine Marzik 'City Shapes 1' Ed 10\25

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Claudine Marzik   'City Shapes 1'  Ed 10\25  Magani Pesia paper 300 gsm 38 x 56 cm A few years ago, I had the opportunity to take up a residency offered by the Arts House City of Melbourne. The studio is located at The Stables at the old meat markets in North Melbourne.I began to explore the City by walking in   different directions each day. I noticed the sometimes conflicting of old and new architecture, the relation of colour and space, the arrangements of  architectural elements  using a variety of materials. During my walks, absorbing shape, combination, texture and colour eventually inspired this series of works. The “City Works” painting have been developed during my residency in Melbourne and completed in my studio in Cairns The “City Shape” prints have been printed by Hannah Parker at Cairns  Luddite press print