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DANISH QUAPOOR | 'Pastel Dreams (I)' | Porcelain Pendant | Small Pink

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Danish Quapoor 'Pastel Dreams (I)'  Small pink porcelain pendant

Danish Quapoor (born 1989, Ipswich, QLD / currently based Townsville, QLD) works across a variety of media, including illustrative paintings, ceramics, and collages. The artist employs wordplay, re-contextualization, and personal iconographies to craft intricate and humorous vignettes. His works often explore contradictions and nuances within relationships, religion, sexuality, and morality. Organic, geometric, and stylized figurative forms often float amidst sparse compositions, reflecting personal, observed, and imagined experiences. The artist's ceramic pendants are an extension of this practice, enabling Quapoor to merge the aesthetics of his ceramic artworks with a more commercial, artisanal purpose. The wearable art pieces are handmade and hand-pierced porcelain paper clay with body stains and clear gloss glaze. The twine-thread is slip-knotted and adjustable.