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Carl Marun Fourmile 'Djumbun' With MATTE BOARD 1\30

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Carl Marun Fourmile 'Djumbun'  With MATTE BOARD


Etching printed in three colours from three plates  
Edition of 30, 2009 
Published by Djumbunji Press KickArts Fine Art Printmaking
Image size: 176 x 122 mm
Paper size: 390 x 265 mm
Paper type: Hahnemuhle off white 300 GSM
Ink Type: Charbonnel
Collaborative printer: Dian Darmansjah
Editioning printer: Dian Darmansjah 
Artist: Carl Marun Fourmile
Region: Cairns
Tribe: Walabamen
Totem: Grey Cloud
Language: Yidinji
Born: Muluridji 1979Artwork story: "My Great, Great Grandfather's design: moth eggs and larvae."

Catalogue ID:DJUMCAFO001