DYLAN SARRA | 'Burral' | Etching

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Dylan Sarra is Taribelang artist from the Bundaberg region and currently lives in Brisbane, Australia, who explores identity and place through his artworks, using a range of disciplines such as print, digital works and sculpture.

In 1972 on the Burnett River near Bundaberg, a significant sacred site of engraved rocks was disturbed ahead of an irrigation project to flood the area.

The ancient petroglyphic motifs were individually cut from the earth and excavated from the site. These Burral Burral stones were relocated to several Queensland institutions and their true provenance was lost. Sarra's research is documenting these carvings and locating them in public and private collections across Australia. In a sense, the first step in bringing the stones and motifs back together.

This is a unique etching created by the artist during a Printmaking Residency run by NorthSite in April 2022

Dylan SARRA, Burral, 2022, etching, 33 x 49 cm plate, 50 x 70 cm paper, published by Djumbunji Press.

Master printmaker: Elizabeth Hunter.



The artists in this show tell diverse stories from different First Nations cultures across Queensland, celebrating unique identities; owning the past to forge the future. REPATRIATE is curated by Darren Blackman and will premiere at NorthSite Contemporary Arts in June 2022, as part of the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF) 2022.