Eddie Kepple 'Orchid man'

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Linocut printed in black ink from one block
Edition of 80, 2009
Printed by Paloma Ramos for Editions Tremblay
Image size: 372 x 265mm
Paper size: 570 x 385 mm

Artist: Eddie Kepple
Lives: Pormpuraaw, Western Cape York
Language: Mungkan
Totems: Blue tongue lizard, Wedge tail eagle, sand goanna

Artwork story: When we go fishing and camping in my country we've got to give our underarm smell to every stranger that comes along with us. If strangers hunt animals, catch fish or find long necked turtle, or yam in the ground, they'll be protected from being speared by my totem, the orchid man. This is because all this belongs to him, that his bush tucker. If he finds strangers hunting or digging in his land, he'll spear them. - Eddie Kepple