ELIZABETH HUNTER | 'Playing for Keeps' | Etching / hand-coloured

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"As you walk around & look, feel, experience the work in Il Cranio Carta, I’d like you to imagine these artworks as postcards, visual letters, souvenirs collected & treasured from a life’s journey.

All these artifacts are about life; although many may see death as the primary focus, it is about life, the life we live, the decisions we make, the paths we take. 

There can be no life without death, & vice versa, life, death & rebirth I believe to be a continuous cycle.

We explore it with our senses in the 3rd Dimension, we can Transend into the fourth & find enlightenment within the 5th Dimension. Studying the potential of Quantum physics, exploring different states of consciousness working with the Transpersonal, I’ve come to see these works in a new light, with a deeper understanding, that from an early age was always there, but up till now I myself was unable to decipher.

There is no written commentary with the artwork, no explanation of what the image means, that would be distracting & direct you away from your own interpretation, from the insights you draw from the work, maybe there is none for you, which is just as interesting & worth inquiry.

I hope as you engage with this exhibition you can resonate with some of the art works, connect with your imagination, opening the gates of consciousness.

Welcome to Il Cranio Carta & please enjoy walking through the garden of my imagination." - Elizabeth Hunter 

ELIZABTH HUNTER | 'Playing for Keeps' | 2018 - 2019 | Etching / hand-coloured | Image size 99 x 49.5 cm / paper size 113 x 70.5 cm