ERUB ERWER ART CENTRE | 'Bipotaim en Ya Nau IV' | Painting | Acrylic on canvas

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"Before Time and Here Now. This is one of 64 small 30 x 30cm paintings that all together form a mosaic of canvases. The canvases were developed through community workshops led by Lynnette Griffiths. “It started with a map of Erub and through the workshop we progressively deconstructed the map, noting 1871 as the point of change. The work has been layered with different meanings but focusses on celebrating island life. Everyone discussed what is and isn’t important – the sea, totems, food and seasons are written onto those canvases”. As a whole the paintings represent the special significance of the Coming of the Light to the island in 1871. 2021 marks the 150th anniversary of this event, which is acknowledged as a pivotal point of change.  The artists worked together to create a multi-panel mosaic painting that reflects on the power of these connections and the way in which the Coming of the Light has impacted their living memory. The panels can be arranged in various formations to create various meanings – just as our memories are individual so is each panel. Together they tell a story. Artist Racy Oui-Pitt says of Coming of the Light, “It is through political and language barriers that the divide between Lifou and Torres Strait has widened – blood ties will always be and will always bring us together.”  By owning this individual 30 x 30 canvas you will always know that you are part of something greater." - Erub Island Artists


Details: 30 x 30cm stretched canvas