ELLA-ROSE SAVAGE | 'Zeuber IV' | Ceramic Wave | Wood-fired clay / woven ghost net

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Ellarose Savage was born in 1968 and is a Meuram woman with a strong cultural connection to her totem - the Nam (Turtle)

"Zeuber is the name given to waves that form in the early light of the morning as the dinghy skims across the water. The waves and their patterns shimmer in sharp triangular contrast to one another. I never get sick of looking at the ocean as each time of the morning, the waves are slightly different depending on the light, wind, and when the sun rises. These beautiful effects, shapes, and colors have always mesmerized me. As you get into more shallow water the patterns from the reef are reflected up. These patterns are reflected in the ghost net additions of each piece. Each wave, each morning, each new pattern shows the changing of time." - Ellarose Savage

Details: 12 (h) x 17 (W) x 12 (D)cm, Woodfired Ceramic, 2022