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Flinstone Design

FLINTSTONE DESIGNS | 'Flower Dish – Dusty Red’ | Ceramic

FLINTSTONE DESIGNS | 'Flower Dish – Dusty Red’ | Ceramic

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In the raw, unrefined earth, Cairns ceramicist Gabrielle Cooney finds a canvas for her creative expression. She has embarked on a journey of discovery that has led her to the heart of clay's innate beauty. Her ceramic critters bear the marks of both the material and the maker.

Each critter created is an exploration of the interplay between human intention and the organic nature of clay. Guided by her hands and a deep connection to the earth, she embraces the imperfections and irregularities that arise during the hand-building process. The malleability of the clay allows her to break free from the constraints of conventional wheel-thrown forms, giving rise to unique pieces that possess a rugged authenticity.

Each piece has a primal rawness and elemental energy, they beckon viewers to touch, feel, and ponder the bonds that tie us to the Earth. In a world that often emphasizes the polished and perfected, her works stand as a tribute to the beauty found in embracing the unrefined, the unfinished, and the authentic.

FLINTSTONE DESIGNS | 'Flower Dish – Dusty Red’ | Ceramic | 8 (dia) x 8 (h) cm 





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