Gabi Sturman'Botanical Earrings'

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Gabi Sturman

Botanical Range. 

Porcelain earrings with extra long Argentium Silver ear pins.

Porcelain is a very strong ceramic material which lends itself perfectly to jewellery. It is ivory white and can be polished, leaving a silk smooth surface. Black porcelain is black a ll the way through, and naturally polishes over time. Patterns are applied to the porocelain before it is fired to 1200 degrees C., so it is embedded into the porcelain and will not rub off. To keep the jewellery looking bright and new, wash with warm soapy water. 

Gabi uses pure Argentium sterling silver which is sourced from a reputable dealer. 

'I make all the findings, make these jewellery pieces truly hand made'

Located near Yungaburra , Gabi works as a sculptor and ceramic artist. 

Her works have a strong focus in nature and draw attention to the fragility of our landscapes and it's inhabitants.