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GRACE LILLIAN LEE | 'Weave' | Neckpiece | Woven Ribbon

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GRACE LILLIAN LEE is a multicultural Australian artist known for drawing inspiration from her indigenous heritage.

"I explore my lineage through the act of weaving. Taught to me by Uncle Ken Thaiday I aim to preserve my culture through contemporary forms. The weave is traditionally known as the grasshopper weave."

Lee uses fashion and adornment to represent her own diverse cultural heritage and has become known for her wearable interpretations of traditional Torres Strait Island weaving techniques that take the form of body sculptures and accessories. By bringing such techniques into the contexts of both art and fashion Grace has engaged a wide audience allowing her to develop a successful business based on woven accessories, celebrating and exploring her lineage.


"My practice is based on the methodology of preservation. I am heavily involved in this process of reflecting on the past and my identity. I use my practice as that vehicle for me to connect and learn more about my Torres Strait Island Heritage. The Body is a huge part of my practice. I am about activating my creations through movement and the body. Embodying the pieces is about connecting and learning shared knowledge." Grace Lillian Lee

Made in Australia