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Hannah Parker

HANNAH PARKER | ‘Shapes’ | Linocut + screen print | Japanese washi paper

HANNAH PARKER | ‘Shapes’ | Linocut + screen print | Japanese washi paper

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Hannah Parker lives in Cairns, Far North Queensland, and her art practice includes printmaking, textiles, and watercolor painting. Hannah received her art training at the University of Wollongong where she majored in printmaking and writing. Her recent works explore place and identity using traditional stories, personal narratives, and local landscape imagery. Hannah has been exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions since mid-1990s. She has been the winner of the People’s Choice awards, and in 2018 she won TPG Architects Prize for 3D work, at Inkmasters Inc Cairns Exhibition for an 8-meter length of printed fabric installation. She has participated in projects with local and Indigenous artists, Italian printmakers, and interstate artists.

HANNAH PARKER | ‘Shapes’ | Linocut + screen print | 30 x 30 cm | Japanese washi paper

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