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Indigenous Design Labs

IDL | 'Indige Design Labs X Procreate Digital Designs' | Assorted Designers

IDL | 'Indige Design Labs X Procreate Digital Designs' | Assorted Designers

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To celebrate Australia's national week of Australia’s First Peoples' culture and history, NAIDOC week 2021, a group of aspiring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creatives based in Cairns, FNQ created a series of Procreate brushes and prints in collaboration honoring this year’s theme ‘Heal Country’.

"A simple photograph, sketch or painting can change the world because it contains many stories/meanings which can be from the past, present or future. Also whether it is culture (traditional), environmental or political." - Janice Ghee

SHEREE JACOBS | 'Nurture' | 2022 | Digital print | 125 x 84 cm 

"The garden represents the strength and vitality of our grandmothers, mothers, and aunties who came before us and how they cared for our family and shaped who we are.

I am a Meriam (Erub) Digital, Web Designer and Storyteller.  My designs represent people, place and culture and share my beliefs and influences in aesthetic ways that help tell stories and share cultural values. As an Indigedesign Lab mentor, we pass on our skills and knowledge and impact how young people can build sustainable futures through creative industries." - Sheree Jacobs



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