JULIE POULSEN | 'Meanwhile the Beach is Warm' (diptych) | Mixed media

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"Meanwhile. That fleeting while. I meant to be aware. Intents to stall, to step outside, to breath. Gone by. I was oblivious to the softening light, intent on work. Meanwhile the beach is warm, the water moody flat, and I could float or simply sit. Or steal some time with humid rain to walk. Wet yet warm, uplifted by the pranks of dogs, the gambling goats, serenely conscious of the passerby." - Julie Poulsen

Julie Pouslen is a contemporary visual artist who lives and works in her studio north of Cairns. Julie’s ongoing quest is for new visual narratives. With her touch- elements of the everyday take on a life of their own, testaments to her delightfully unpredictable style. 

Details: JULIE POULSEN | 'Meanwhile the Beach is Warm' (diptych) | 2022 | Synthetic polymer, marker pens, stitched assemblage | 183 (h) x 295 (w) cm