JENNIFER VALMADRE | 'Bowls of Colour' | Sculptural installation / pink series

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Valmadre works primarily across mixed media encaustic painting, sculpture and ceramics. She holds post-graduate tertiary qualifications in art and has also lectured and mentored other artists extensively.

"This work is about a ceramist or potter, painting. The series takes my favourite wheel thrown forms, the open bowl, from the wheel head and clay medium into plaster and encaustic, a less naturally-balanced shape.

These works offered me a chance to play in the arena of colour theory; something that is difficult to work with in ceramics, as the minerals used to make glazes change at temperature from white to clear, violet to blue, green to turquoise or even to red.
In Bowls of Colour, glaze theory is replaced with colour theory and glass formers, fluxes and refractories are replaced with waxes and powdered pigments. Bowls of Colour is an installation of seven sets of three forms, applying the rule of odds which plays with the brain's desire to pair objects. The rule of odds means there is always an odd piece out and it is this odd piece that keeps our eye moving across compositions; from a single set of three to seven sets of three and finally to a single series of twenty-one pieces.
Bowls of Colour is the overlapping of my interest in utilitarian forms of ceramics and the aesthetic function of encaustic painting." - Jennifer Valmadre

Details:  'Bowls of Colour' | 2022 | Sculptural installation  / pink series 

Materials: Plaster with nylon fibre, fibre glass, bitumen and encaustic

Individual bowl dimensions: 13 x 30 x 30 cm > 15 x 40 x 40 cm (approx) 

These works are available individually or as a set of 3.