Kim Nolan 'Sunken Treasure (small)' Ceramic bowl

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Kim Nolan from the 'Sunken Treasure' series. This is a small bowl in this series made from ceramic which resembles objects that once were discovered at the bottom of the sea. 2019

Artist statement

The series “Sunken Treasure” is based on the concept of objects subjected to the forces of nature and the beauty of their form as they transform creating a new purpose and new life. 

The starting point is throwing a symmetrical form on the wheel.

I then alter the form and add texture, I am trying to create the look and feel of erosion as if the piece has been sitting on the ocean floor and subject to the power of the ocean.

The corals and crustaceans are hand formed and attached. 

Glazing is kept minimalistic to focus more on the texture, form and the richness of the chocolate clay. 

Reflective glass is added to give a hint of treasure to some pieces.  Though the real treasure to me is that a man-made object that came to the end of its useful life has been adapted by nature into something wonderful.