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Kim Nolan

KIM NOLAN | ‘Finned Coral #10’ | White clay / glaze / glass

KIM NOLAN | ‘Finned Coral #10’ | White clay / glaze / glass

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Kim Nolan holds a diploma in Hot Glass and Production from Whanganui Polytechnic in NZ.  She has also completed four years of ceramics study at TAFE.  Kim currently works from her own studio at Cairns Northern Beaches and works two days a week in the Ceramic Department at TAFE as a Studio Technician.

Inspired by the environment in which she lives, Kim enjoys making forms that reflect her fascination with nature and its impact on organic materials.  She uses different techniques and layering to achieve a depth of texture which makes you want to pick it up and explore it.  Using combinations of oxides, stains, glazes, and glass serves to further highlight this tactile quality and give the work even greater depth.  Kim hopes her pieces will evoke an emotional response and encourage people to become more attentive to nature and attuned to our surroundings.

KIM NOLAN | ‘Finned Coral #10’ | White clay / glaze / glass | 10 (h) x 13 (w) x 12 (d) cm

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