LISA WRIGHT | 'Initiate' | Sculpture | Casting bandage / organic material / acrylic paint

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"The Journey with my Diploma in Visual Arts reflects my personal growth journey through life. In the beginning I am raw, I am vulnerable, bound by beliefs and rules. I am not satisfied and strive for something different. I choose evolution. Inspired by the lifeworks of John Davis I explore the cast and construct concepts with organic materials and casting bandages."

Artist Biography

"I am an abstract sculptural artist living in Cairns, Queensland. I prefer to use everyday objects collected during my travels to explore themes of freedom. My process is to build 3-dimensional forms by repurposing the familiar materials and use repetition to develop patterns. This creates a feeling of controlled tension and sets boundaries for me to maintain some discipline within my sense of freedom." - Lisa Wright


LISA WRIGHT, Initiate, 2022, casting bandage, organic material, acrylic paint, H 23cm x W 8.5cm x D 15cm