Adrian King 'Camping at the Wenlock' 2002

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Adrian King, Camping at the Wenlock' 2002, Synthetic polymer on canvas.        Dimensions 68x101cm 

Artist: Adrian King 

Born: 1974

Language: Lama Lama 

Lockhart River, Cape York Peninsula


Catalogue: AK031102, Certificate of Authenticity provided.

Adrian King, born 1974, is a Lama Lama man and a member of the Lockhart River Artgang. He has a distinctive documentary style of painting, the naive charm of which belies the close social observation of his subject matter. Images of hunting, fishing and day-to-day activities in Lockhart and on outstations are favourite themes.

This work perfectly captures the essence of daily life at Wenlock Outstation.

Courtesy of Lockhart River Indigenous Corporation, Lockhart River Art Centre.

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