Elizabeth Queenie Giblet 'Untitled'

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Elizabeth "Queenie" Giblet, Untitled 2011, acrylic on canvas. Dimensions 95 x 92cm cm

Artist: Elizabeth "Queenie" Giblet
Born: 1939

Region: Cape York
Language: Umpila

Artist biography: Got that name Queen from when we came to Lockhart, when we moved from oldsite. It after that Queen Elizabeth. Old mission they call me Elizabeth. Born at oldsite, when that war was on. Can remember those planes come, sit quiet inside humpy. Camped out. Can’t make noise or fire, can remember they real low, see they fight morning, fly to airport. Iron Range.

One sister, one brother. Victor his name, worked for church. Father Bob Tongarlie, Mother Mariam Tongerlie, they grew up before time same Clarmont village. Have one son Charlie Giblett, I call him nalngka. Two grand children too. My husband became Deacon in the 80’s. Passed away 1987. I can’t say his name, custom to us.

Aka, that Lawyer cane got to take that prickle out, used to that prickle, make bit frightened too. Shell necklaces for them we pick ‘em up wimpa means sand beach, collect’em low tide bring ‘em home boil, take minya (meat) out, put that hole in that shell make necklace. Giddy Giddy beads, collect from bush, boil them salt water, giddy float when soft, ready.

Those punya (grass dillybag) in the old days we used to carry yam, pipe, gear to make spear with, really strong. Ulku from that palm tree we used to carry baby inside before time, olden days, before, rope to carry ulku, carry over the shoulder. When baby cry scratch that side of the ulku to stop them cry. My mother she used this to carry us when we baby, different today.


Artwork is sold with the Certificate of Authenticity from Lockhart River Art Centre. Copyright Elizabeth 'Queenie' Giblet.

Catalogue: EG20110536    Code:  LOCKEG20110536

Courtesy of Lockhart River Indigenous Corporation, Lockhart River Art Centre.

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