LOLA GREENO | 'Blue Maireener and Penguin shell' | Bracelet

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Lola Greeno 'Blue Maireener and Penguin shell' bracelet

Lola Greeno is a Trawlwoolway (Tasmanian Aboriginal) shell necklace maker/stringer. Known for her distinctly patterned, often colourful and iridescent strands of shells, the artist collects her materials from the coastlines of the Tasmanian mainland and the Furneaux Islands. As an extension to her cultural practice, Greeno has recently developed a series of works using different shells, to design a pattern based on the Cape Barren Goose. Within a contemporary context, the materials reference the fauna unique to the islands. Other recent work uses what the artist refers to as her 'Reconciliation Necklace' pattern, using black crow and white penguin shells, while another work combines rice, maireener and kelp shells.