Lone White 'Rainforest Form Medium' ceramic

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Lone White 

Rainforest Form, medium size. 2019


Lone White was born in Denmark in 1942 and attended Copenhagen University for several years until she married an Australian and left her home country. After living in Papua New Guinea for 6 years with her family of four childre, they relocated to Cairns in 1978 where she has remained and worked as a ceramicist for over 40 years. 

Lone's practical interest in pottery started when watching village pottery activities in Bougainville, PNG anf then through extensive travels throughout the Middle East, South-East Asia, Japan and China where she observed traditional techniques and was exposed to modern innovations in ceramics. This series of Rainforest forms is inspired by Lone's surrounds in the Wet Tropics of Cairns. 

She is not interested in making domestic ware but concerned with developing forms to fully exploit a special effect through glazing. 

Lone is an active contributor to the Cairns Potters Club.