Madge Bowen 'Predators'

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Madge Bowen 'Predators', 2020, 60cm x 80cm, acrylic on plywood (framed)

"When it's time for the female turtle to lay her eggs she will make her way to the same place she was born.

She digs a hole in the sand dunes and after they are covered swims away. She does this every year but she never sees her offspring.

Once the baby turtles hatch they have to dig their way out of the hole and rush to the water. Many get eaten by goanna, hawks. sea birds. feral pigs and crocodiles. The ones that reach the ocean then have to escape sharks, dolphins and big fish.

They have a low survival rate. The ones that get away are lucky."

Catalogue number:220-19

Hopevale Arts & Cultural Centre