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Malki Studio

MALKI STUDIO | ‘Orbit’ Ring | Sterling silver / titanium

MALKI STUDIO | ‘Orbit’ Ring | Sterling silver / titanium

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Title: Orbit


Materials: responsibly sourced sterling silver, titanium.


Inspiration: this ring references The Space Race, a competition and ideological conflict between Cold War rivals the Soviet Union and the United States for the first in-space flight and moon landing.


Further Information: titanium is a metal that is frequently used in the aerospace industry due to its concurrent qualities of being ultra lightweight and extremely hard. It is often said that titanium is as “light as aluminium and as hard as steel.” These qualities also make it extremely challenging when making jewellery.


Care Instructions: clean with warm water and soap (we recommend using an old toothbrush) or ultrasonic cleaner, do not attempt to polish heat coloured titanium.


MALKI STUDIO | ‘Orbit’ Ring | Sterling silver / titanium 

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